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  1. Russian watches
    Many of you probably know that mechanical watch movements have been fitted into small travel clocks. These clocks are not only miniaturized, but also extremely precise, as compared to the usual clock movements. I just discovered that the Petrodvorets Watch factory (Raketa) was by far not the...
  2. Russian watches
    Please let me introduce you with my newest flame: ParaNeptun, Механизм Заря 2009.1, Пензенский Часовой Завод ParaNeptun was launched in 1932 as one of the brands of the German Paul Raff Co., based in Pforzheim, Western Germany's watchmaking capital and Germany's Gold and Jewellery capital...
  3. eBay Auctions
    Hi, I thought this might be right place to find if anyone is interested in this watch. I own it after my grandmother. She used to travel to Russia a lot in Soviet Union days. If anyone is interested in buying this piece of history , drop me a line here or on Ebay. Beautiful Antique 18 KT Rose...
  4. Russian watches
    I have this interesting 40mm Zaria with a perplexing dial. Firstly, I thought Zaria was a women's brand but this one has a large dial and case containing a small movement that I assume was also used in their women's watches. Secondly, the dial says "Konigsberg (Pr)". Konigsberg was a Prussian...
  5. Russian watches
    Hello! My grandparents lived from 1949-1960 in Russia and they came back with this watch. It has written on it Zaria, 17 Jewels, Made in USSR If anyone could tell me more I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
  6. Russian watches
    Hi guys. The word is not about a Russian, but this is my forum and I want to share with you. Today I receive this watch as a gift for my birthday. My lovely wife just want to cure my Russian obsession with a Swiss timepiece. She knows also my esteem to Omega's and consider it's little sister -...
1-6 of 6 Results