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  1. Nanjing watches - a little casual research and history

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    In response to a discussion about Nanjing watches, I got a bit curious. I'm from Britain, but live in a city called Nantong that isn't too far from Nanjing. My Chinese is kinda primary school level, and I don't know much about watches, but did some digging anyway on Chinese websites. This is...
  2. Zhongshan 9j wants a new strap...

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    This Zhongshan 9j with date recently arrived into my collection. While the watch is in great condition, the watch strap it was attached to was a little worse for wear - and not original. Now we all know a Zhongshan deserves our respect, so this one is getting a new smart strap. Not sure what...
  3. Zhongshan 17J

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    Hi everybody, I am new in the Chinese Watches forum but I have been reading through it quite a lot. I have got this 17J Zhongshan but I can not find much info on it, just these posts by soviet:
  4. My newly-arrived plain jane ZhongShan

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    back in March on WUS, Chascomm said "Every collector of vintage Chinese watches needs a Zhongshan in their collection." Well, I try to pay attention. Not a Zhong Shan with a fancy dial (like WUS collector Soviet displays, for example), and not one of the early "no anti-shock" versions, and...