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  1. Russian watches
    Hi all, I've got an old 15 jewel ZIM 2608 movement that is sadly suffering from low amplitude, very high beat error and extremely wonky timekeeping, even after being thoroughly cleaned. I think it may be in need of at least a new mainspring, and possibly a new balance wheel assembly. After...
  2. Russian watches
    Hello, I had been following Poljot alarm watches on ebay and recently discovered russian watches in general, which was a big wow! Decent prices on mechanical watches!! I've bought a Komarskie which is the first mechanical watch I've opened :) It's now having a hydrochloric acid bath, and I'm...
  3. Russian watches
    Ah, the holy grail of soviet watches, with thousands listed on eBay i wanted to know how one can tell between frankens, and if they are indeed made in the soviet era. Thanks for any help!
  4. Russian watches
    I'm seriously thinking about expanding my Russian watch collection and branch out from Vostoks into mechanical ZIM watches. I really like the NOS (new old stock) ZIMs available on eBay. They are affordable and many of the dials are attractive. What can everyone tell me about them? Are they...
  5. Russian watches
    Just received this ZIM. I bought it because of it's unique look, but I'm not sure it's 100% authentic. I did find images of other ZIMs with identical hands, and I found a couple of images of Pobedas with the same dial. Has anybody seen this model before?
  6. Russian watches
    This one arrived the other day along with the Raketa I posted about separately (with the price of the watch and only $2 additional shipping, I couldn't resist). I like the way it looks, but I know nothing about ZIMs. If anybody has any insights on this one, I'd love to hear them. Thanks!
  7. Affordable watches
    After wearing my civil Poljot 3133 almost exclusively during the past year, I caught the bauhaus bug a few months back. I've had mixed feelings regarding the Rodina, nailing the look but offering nothing more. After finally deciding to pull the plug - I read in the "rodina thread" that these...
  8. Russian watches
    Hello comrades! As of late I've been fascinated by watches. I'm still a beginner so bear with me here... I've been looking for a vintage USSR watch specifically with a black dial, sub-dial for the second hand, mechanical, and preferably gold font numbers. Under $70 shipped would be preferable...
  9. Russian watches
    One more arrival: Сигнал 304, mechanical alarm clock with an AM radio receiver around ;) This is just one way of looking at it... Portable AM receiver from the 80's-90's, with mechanical timer. Produced by the Kamensk-Uralsky Instrument Factory aka "Oktyabr"/October that produced the famous...
  10. Russian watches
    Hi there, First of all let me say hello to intoduce myself. I am Mark living in the Netherlands. Very interesting stuff on this forum as i am looking for a russian watch myself for daily use... still not decided... Also the old watches got my interest... some good information here. I travel...
  11. Russian watches
    Friday's watch ( a.k.a. Пятничные часы!)= What are you wearing on your wrist today? Today I am wearing my 1975 Zim "XXX Years" with Zim 2608 Movement! Сегодня ношу мои ЗиМ "ХХХ лет" 1975 г. с механизмом ЗиМ 2608! Cheap Polish leather band though...
  12. Russian watches
    Detail info:-s
  13. Vintage & Pocket watches
    I don't know nothing about this watch and I'll be appreciate if someone tell me more about it. Thanks!
  14. Russian watches
    Hi Everybody, I've been looking for a reliable, military-type watch for work (I supervise construction sites as part of my job) and in a moment of spontaneity bid on this guy and won. However, in reading more about ebay watches from the Ukraine, I'm not sure what I'm getting. Could anybody...
  15. Russian watches
    Picked this up about a month ago off the Bay. My wife thinks it's my second-ugliest watch (behind my Poljot Olympiskie). It arrived non-functional, but since I replaced the battery and it started working, I can't get it off my wrist. This picture is the best I could do and more or less...
  16. Russian watches
    I pulled the trigger on this Zim described as '1950' vintage last night. I broke a few rules for buying on eBay: seller had few feedbacks, I don't know the market well enough yet, I didn't check here first, the list goes on... On the other hand, I satisfied myself via The Metatechnical...
1-16 of 16 Results