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  1. Russian watches
    A while back I sent a TTK-2 Zvezda tank watch to Dafydd Ellis because I couldn't get it to keep time. He got back to me to say that it needed a new balance. Anyway I found a job lot of broken Russian watches on Ebay, one of which was a Zvezda, and put in a £1 bid and won. True enough they were a...
  2. Russian watches
    Hello. I have 4 very old Zvezda watches with Zarja 2602 movement. 3 complete watches, 1 donor. I want to use these as my first movements to practice servicing on. I already have Moebius 8000/4 oil. Is there any other oil that I need?
  3. Russian watches
    For a long time searching for a collection of these watches and finally found something! I'm happy!!! Watches Lip T18, the prototype of the Soviet watches "Zvezda"("Star"). Figures slightly slimmer, neater... Compare with the Soviet. Inner cover-duster on a slate, no in Zvezda. French...
1-4 of 4 Results