Not many people remember this but it is a fact that Charlie Brown and his gang played an important part in the Apollo lunar landing in July 1969.

What happened was this. The Apollo 10 with Command Module 106, christened “Charlie Brown”, was launched on May 18, 1969, atop a Saturn V rocket. The mission was a dress rehearsal for the Apollo 11 landing on the moon and was the first time the Lunar Module was tested in lunar orbit.

Once in lunar orbit, the astronauts flew Lunar Module “Snoopy” to within 14.5 km of the lunar surface but, instead of landing, they performed a planned simulated abort which carried them away from the moon. Apollo 10 orbited the moon 31 times before returning to Earth. “Charlie Brown” landed somewhere in the Pacific Ocean on May 26.

UNDONE x Peanuts Collaboration

So, it’s entirely fitting that there is an UNDONE x Peanuts ‘cool-aboration’ to celebrate the Lunar Mission of half a century ago, and now the Collaboration is about to take off!

Join Snoopy and his gang on a mission to the moon and back, 50 years after Apollo 10 & 11’s legendary voyages. UNDONE are giving away THREE Snoopy Moonwatches for FREE. And participation is a whole lot simpler than rocket science.


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  3. The winner with the most shares will be announced on the 17th of July


Launching July 17th, the ‘LUNAR MISSION’ Collection will feature THREE fabulous models, which includes TWO limited edition watches:

Peanuts x UNDONE Snoopy Moon Heritage

The subtle but classic Snoopy MOON HERITAGE (300PCS) inspired by the very watches worn by the first astronauts to step on the moon; and the Snoopy STARLIGHT (300PCS) featuring the beagle on a one of a kind luminous starlit background; both limited editions come with a special LUNAR MISSION BOXSET and an extra parachute-cord wrist strap.

Peanuts x UNDONE Snoopy Starlight

Customizable Peanuts x UNDONE Snoopy A.C.E.S

The third model is a customizable option featuring the entire Peanuts cast dressed in their dedicated LUNAR MISSION orange astronaut suits and includes a bonus complimentary orange Cordura strap.

Fear not, we’ll be featuring the watches in a lot more detail a little later this month.