So, you’ve sprung for an Apple watch and with all its many features you get to thinking it’s all you’ll ever need. How wrong can you be? It’s only the beginning. Here are a few of the Best Apple Watch accessories you didn’t know you needed.

Along with your Apple watch comes an avalanche of inventive, some might claim ingenious products, designed to tempt you into endlessly accessorizing your Apple. Suddenly, all these Apple-related goodies you never knew existed can become an essential part of your life. From fancy docks to luxury straps, multi-functional charging stands to on-trend armor casing, there’s a nifty Apple watch accessory out there waiting for you. The trick is sifting through the cheaper ‘me too’ accessory rip-offs to find the good stuff. And here for your accessorizing delight are some of of the best Apple Watch accessories we could find.


We start things off with the Elago W3 Watch Stand. You have to be in on Apple products from the get-go to appreciate the fun of this particular watch stand. It’s designed to look exactly like the earliest Apple Macintosh computers which Steve Jobs introduced to revolutionize the entire computer industry way back in 1984. Many kids would not even recognize it as a computer today. With this Apple Mac tribute, watch stand you can view your Apple Watch display through a blast from the past. The display lines up perfectly to seem as though it is the display of an old Apple monitor. The earliest versions of the vintage computers sell for anything up to $500,000.

How much? US$9.49 



Best Apple Watch Accessories

This 3 in 1 Charging Stand from Chinese brand Kehangda is three things in one; a dock for your Apple Watch, a Station for your iPhone and a Stand for AirPods. If you have two or more Apple products like the iPhone, then this is the stand for you. It’s super slim and can fit on any small nightstand. All the clutter of various wires for up to 3 devices can be hidden behind the nightstand. A cool and versatile charging dock.

How much? $16.99 USD



Best Apple Watch Acccesories

From macho urban digital camo to feminine floral designs, with an easy snap-on design and a variety of unique prints, Revel is the perfect way to personalize your watch. X-Doria Revel cases clip on easily and provide 360 protection from scratches and scrapes. Made from durable polycarbonate and featuring vibrant, fashion-forward prints, the Revel case does not obstruct the Digital Crown or Side Button, so you can protect your watch and enjoy full access to all features and functions. There’s also the X-Doria Defense Edge, a rugged and slim Apple Watch Case designed to match your Apple Watch Sport Band.

How much? From $23.00



Best apple watch accessoriesNow that you’ve spent good money on your Apple Watch, of course, you need to protect it. Whether you’re at the gym or the office, the Spigen Tough Armor case designed for the Apple Watch guards against bumps and scratches. Constructed from high-quality polycarbonate and TPU, the Spigen armor case absorbs shock and gives a solid appearance.  Buttons and wristband functionality are all maintained for ease of use while still protecting your watch.

How much? $24.99


You’ve got the Apple Watch, so naturally, you need the Apple Watch Stand. the Griffin all-in-one powered charging station is designed for Apple Watch and iPhone, and charges both Apple Watch plus an iPad. It sits beautifully on any desktop, tabletop or bedside table.

The built-in power supply with 2 dedicated USB ports free up a wall outlet, remove cable clutter, and provide the perfect amount of charging power for both Apple Watch and iPhone or iPad. Griffin specializes in powering tech for all types of Apple devices and have been offering them longer than most having started in 1992.

How much? $49.99





Barton aims to bridge the gap between modern technology and tasteful tradition with a wide range of  nice leather watch straps specially designed for the Apple Watch. There are a huge variety of straps to choose from to suit the style you want to project—and they all feature quick-release so you can change your bands in seconds and use them on non-Apple Watches.

How much? $33.00 USD






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