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We have the pleasure of officially introducing the Peacock Project to f72. This is going to be the biggest and best project ever and you are all welcome to join in the fun! Posting on all threads is restricted to those who have registered for the project.

Pricing and specifications

The estimated price is US$300+ per watch (subject to change depending on watch specifications) plus shipping. The project will proceed once we have 150 registered members and a non-refundable deposit of half of above price will be collected through Paypal. Thomas, of 1963 and f72 projects fame, will produce and build our watches. Production time is estimated to be four to five months from the time our deposits are collected.

Here is a summary of the watch and specifications:

* Liaoning Peacock SL6601 automatic movement with power reserve metre at 3, date at 6 and small seconds at 9. Silver movement with signature blue rotor and logo. Seventy (70) hours power reserve!

* 44mm stainless (subject to change) case. Case size is relatively large due to size of movement and cannot be reduced.

* Sapphire crystal with water resistance of at least 3 ATM.


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We are very impressed by how Project THOR is being handled on f275. Uwe was kind enough to allow us use of his rules and regulations (distilled from a wealth of project running experience) for our project.

The purpose of these rules is to facilitate the efficiency of the project, its smooth operation, and to ensure the cooperation of everyone who participates in it. Our Peacock project will be strictly governed by these rules: It is important that you read, understand, and agree to these rules – your continued participation in this project is an acknowledgement and acceptance of them.


1.1 First and foremost, all WUS rules apply to and supersede those created for this sub-forum; if you have not read them yet please do so now!
1.2 Only registered project participants may post in this sub-forum.
1.3 For the sake of organization and continuity, participants may not create new threads in this sub-forum. Please use the most appropriate thread when creating a post, or the GENERAL DISCUSSION thread for comments that do not directly relate to the subject of an existing thread.
1.4 Unauthorized threads, or posts created by those not registered in the project, will be deleted without further explanation.
1.5 Project managers have the right to exclude anyone from the project who is not following rules, causing disputes, is behaving in an otherwise counterproductive manner or has failed to fulfil their commitment to a previous project on f72. At all times, as per WUS Forum rules, project participants should remain respectful of each other and the decisions being made.


2.1 Do NOT contact Thomas directly with anything concerning this project. It is the responsibility of the project team to liaise with Thomas, so please address any concerns or questions to a management team member.
2.2 The six project managers have the right to make final decisions concerning any aspect of the project and their decisions are FINAL.


3.1 This project will only commence once there are at least 150 registered participants.
3.2 Members may purchase more than one watch – only one vote will be allowed per participant regardless of how many watches they have registered to purchase.
3.3 Project managers may, if it is deemed to be for the good of the project, alter the project’s structure. These changes are limited to the timetable of the design and voting process, and not to the voting system itself. This rule provides project managers the flexibility needed to keep the project running smoothly and resolve unforeseen problems and unexpected delays.
3.4 The watch designed by this project may only enter final production by Thomas once 150 pieces have a commitment to be purchased. This commitment in terms of the project’s participants will include a non-refundable deposit.
3.5 Until a project participant has paid the deposit for his watch, it will remain the property of the project and can be reassigned by the project managers to another participant. The purpose of this rule is to weed out those who are not fully committed to the project or are not fulfilling the financial obligations of participation.
3.6 Once the project has concluded and the final design has entered production, a time limit for the full payment will have to be respected. Those who do not pay for their watch within this time limit may forfeit the watch and their deposit. Please do not commit to the project if you can not afford to pay for your watch!


4.1 Every design phase of this project will be decided by a discussion and vote of registered participants. Only those who have registered to be a part of the project can vote.
4.2 The single transferable vote (STV) system will be used to conduct all votes.
4.3 Only in the event of a dispute will a vote be arbitrated by the project managers, who if required, will make a decision in the interest of allowing the project to continue moving forward.
A design element that wins the majority of the votes (>51%) will be considered as having been accepted upon the completion of a vote. No arguments or discussions against the winning vote will be allowed.​

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The winners of the dial design vote are (in no particular order):

5. Classic

3. Japanese Pilot

6. Dark Grey / Midnight Blue

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