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This poll is now closed - the winner is #2 Berlin font.

A dial font vote will be posted shortly due to popular demand
What Ed said .... you ask, we oblige.
This thread is only to be used for voting on the Classic Dial Font for the 2016 WUS Peacock Project.
Refer to the Design- and General Discussion Threads for exactly that, your comments, suggestions and discussions

Please read the voting instructions carefully:

  • Only members who have expressed their interest “officially” and are included in the registry, are eligible to vote (we cross-reference votes against this registry). We ask that those not interested in the watch with the Classic dial refrain from voting. However, if you feel there is a fair chance this is the one you will purchase, feel free to voice your preference.
  • 3 (three) choices MUST be made or your vote will NOT be counted. Voting on this thread will close in eleven days on Sunday, June 26.
  • All voting on this issue will use the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system. Each person ranks the list of options being voted on in order of preference. You place the number of your favorite choice first, your second choice second and next your third, etc.
    As an example, say this is a vote for the watch dial color. Assuming that my personal preference is for silver, but I also think that blue is a very good alternative and I like orange just because.
    Based on the list below, this is how I would rank my preferences: 1 – 2 – 3.
1. Silver
2. Blue
3. Orange​​

  • The Committee will reconcile the STV results with the popular-vote standings to give the winner / final ranking. Most likely, both the winning dial design / theme, as well as the runner-up will go in to production, but there is still a fair possibility that we will be able to offer a third design.

Note that the examples shown are not yet final. The winning design will be tweaked and fine-tuned with your input in separate polls and combined with other decisions.
So with that said, the font-choices are:

Strong Glasgow




Typo Upright


Again, voting will close in eleven days, on Sunday, 26th of June @22:00 (GMT)

Let the voting begin

on behalf of the 2016 WUS Peacock Project Committee


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