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Man, I love that cheese!

And now....

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A few fun facts about this record/band:

- They were the second band signed to the Beatles' Apple Publishing business (before Apple Records existed, which is why this record is licensed to RCA) in late 1967;

- John Lennon named the band "Grapefruit" after a book by Yoko Ono;

- The band's writer and lead singer, George Alexander, is the older brother of Angus and Malcolm Young of AC/DC and George Young of Easybeats/Flash and the Pan;

- This recording reached #21 in the UK and #98 on the US Billboard chart;

- Producer Terry Melcher was instrumental in the careers of lots of late 1960s bands and dropped acid regularly with Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys and hung out with Charles Manson. And he was Doris Day's son.

..Now back to your regularly scheduled thread. :)

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1641 - 1660 of 1781 Posts