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I've recently hit 10,000 posts on this forum. (it only took me nearly 12 years) In light of my being a) old; b) very talkative here, apparently; and c) the owner of too many watches -- I've decided to do a g-shock AND Protrek giveaway to mark the occasion. To be clear, it is ONE giveaway, and a lucky person will win both watches.

WHAT: two watches (listed below) from my own collection will be given away. I will pick a winner and ship the watches to the winner. I will pay the shipping fee. * EDIT: THREE watches will be given away to one lucky winner! See below.

WHO is eligible
: anyone who has been a member of Watchuseek since at least December, 2022, who lives in a country that the U.S. Postal Service will ship to (i.e., no shipping restrictions due to covid, etc.) via the shipping method I choose, and who agrees to the terms at the bottom of this post may enter (including Mods). The reason I am limiting it to members who have been here since at least December is that I don't want people to join the forum solely for this giveaway. And I hope a regular member of our G-SHOCK sub-forum will win, though any member of Watchuseek can win, even if not a regular g-shock subforum contributor.

RULES, & HOW to enter: just reply to this thread NLT midnight EDT Saturday, 25 March 2023 with your intention to enter, pick a number from 1 to 500, and list that number in your reply. (only ONE entry per person) I will have chosen a number in advance. The person whose number is closest to the one I picked will win. If two people chose a number equally close to the number I picked, the one who replied first to this thread with their number will win. If two or more people pick the exact number I chose, the one who replied first to this thread with their number will win. Once the giveaway has ended, I will determine and then declare the winner in this thread. I will also contact the winner via PM to get the necessary details for shipping, and then ship the watches some time later.

WHEN: enter anytime between now and midnight EDT on Saturday, 25 March 2023. I will NOT accept late entries! [THE CONTEST HAS ENDED. WE HAVE A WINNER!!]

SHIPPING: I will determine the method of shipping if the winner is in the U.S. and pay the shipping fee. For a winner outside the U.S., I will ship via USPS Economy shipping and pay the shipping fee. There may or may not be a tracking number. If you are outside the U.S., you must agree to pay any taxes, Customs fees, or other charges due to you in order to receive the package. If you do not agree to this in advance, do not enter.

TERMS: If you do not agree to the following terms, then please do not enter this giveaway. By default, if you enter this giveaway by replying to this thread in the manner described for entry, you agree to the terms listed below.
  • I, Time4PlayNow, do NOT guarantee delivery of these watches. If the watches get lost or stolen in transit or are otherwise not received by the recipient (i.e., "winner"), I do not owe the recipient anything.
  • I will ship to a winner outside the U.S. as long as: USPS ships there for the shipping method I choose; the recipient gives me all information necessary for the shipment (name, address, phone, etc.); and the recipient agrees to pay any taxes, Customs fees, or any other fees needed to receive the package. I will tell the recipient what the declared value of the package will be prior to shipping. They can back out of the transaction at that time if they wish, and if so I would choose a different winner.
  • I will not accept any late entries. Please pay attention to the entry dates.
  • I am not responsible for forum glitches affecting the giveaway.
  • If I do not see your post for any reason, I am not at fault and owe you nothing, even if you had the "winning" number. (this includes anyone on my Ignore list, btw)
  • I do NOT guarantee the working order of the watches to be shipped.
  • if for any reason the package is returned to me after it is shipped, I will not re-ship it. I would owe the recipient nothing.
  • I am not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in the watches' description.
  • if something happens to one or both of these watches before shipping, I may substitute a different watch of my choosing in its place.
  • I may cancel or end this giveaway at any time, for any reason, and would owe nothing to anyone.

WATCHES: the following watches will be given away!! GOOD LUCK to all who enter.
* 19 Mar Update * T4PN has really gone off the rails now - a THIRD watch has been added to this giveaway - see below!!

1) Casio Pathfinder, PAG-240B-2. This watch is brand new! It is a solar, but non-MB6 Pathfinder. I have only tried it on, but never used it. There is no packaging for the watch (i.e., its watch box), but I will ensure that it is packed securely for shipment.

Watch Clock Watch accessory Strap Font

Hand Finger Everyday carry Thumb Wrist

2) Casio G-shock, GD-120CM-4. This watch is LIKE NEW!! I did not wear it more than once or twice. It may need a battery change very soon, but as of right now, the watch is working perfectly. There is no watch box for this one either.

Watch Analog watch Clock Finger Watch accessory

Automotive tire Flash photography Rim Automotive wheel system Wrist

3) Third watch added 19 March!! [This IS my 10,000 post giveaway, and I doubt I'll be around to see 20k, so....go BIG or go home!! ;) ] Casio G-shock, GLS-5600CL! I don't even think I wore this watch one time. Not because it isn't great, but because I have faaaar too many watches. Notable features of this one include a low-temp LCD, two 1,000 hr stopwatches, and built in strap adaptors with an included NATO/Zulu strap!

Watch Rectangle Clock Watch accessory Wrist

Gadget Carabiner Bag Personal protective equipment Strap

Watch Gesture Finger Watch accessory Wrist

GOOD LUCK to all who enter!

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Super cool gesture, T4P. I have too many Casios as-is, so I'll let another member partake, but it'll be fun to see who wins.

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Super cool gesture, T4P. I have too many Casios as-is, so I'll let another member partake, but it'll be fun to see who wins.
You can never have enough Casios....
You can in a way but just saying.
You can have too much to be called eccentric...
Then there is stage all surfaces are occupied by solar watches
Next stage is you pose as local Casio museum, then national level...
Then.... i don't know
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Wow, 10000 posts, that’s amazing!! What a cool giveaway as well. I’ll pick my favorite number 21.
Eh, not really amazing - it just means I'm old and talk a lot. ;) :ROFLMAO:

Similar to John Wick, I'm a man of focus, commitment - and g-shocks. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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