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So here are some pictures of my new NUMA Blue SUB 1200T. Received it just before I departed but the hershey band didn't arrive until after I had left so the pictures of it with the watch and accessories were taken back at my house. Diving pictures were taken with my GoPro Hero2 and I never did get one to focus right.... Deepest I went on this trip was 95ft and the watch had great contrast and was very readable. Maybe my wife will let me get another for Christmas if I get her one too....

Aqua Turquoise Blue Underwater Water

Aqua Turquoise Underwater Water Finger

Underwater Turquoise Organism Water Recreation

One of me wearing it at the Mayan site Cahal Pech, the red is original paint...

Fun Vacation Headgear T-shirt Recreation

Me sad to be leaving Belize...
Vacation Room Event Tourism Recreation

And here are some taken back at my house, I'd like to thank Doxa for sending me the complimentary hershey straps.
Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Wrist Fashion accessory

Diving mask Diving equipment Personal protective equipment Eyewear Mask

Diving mask Personal protective equipment Diving equipment Goggles Headgear

Diving mask Personal protective equipment Diving equipment Headgear Auto part

Analog watch Watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Brown

Watch Watch accessory Analog watch Wrist Fashion accessory

FYI I am an economy model and my wrist is only about 6.25"

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Wonderful photos...

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I've had a few problems with the gopro underwater, they hate low light or any movement. As a result i think the easiest way to use them is just always use video mode, then if you want a picture play the video and pause at where you want you picture then just take a screen shot of the video on your computer. (Google screen shot if your unaware how to do it)
below is a video in really low light at 100 msw and in picture mode the shots were unusable.

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