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Both belongs to a same "clan". However, one uses a pen, another uses a sword, just like "William Shakespeare" bump on "William Wallace",sort of...
What kind of reaction will spark off from 2?
Perhaps everybody may wonder, why would i use a poet and a warrior, characters of different era from the movies we know to do a comparison?
These 2 are of totally different characters per se...

Undeniably true.
However when i put both watches together, what i see is a picture of a gentleman and a tough nut, and the first images that pops out in mind, goes to these 2 mystical names i knew...
In addition, no matter i look closely or from far, one still looks classic~ly mechanical, another feels modern~ly electrical.
Simply a portrait with contrast of 2 characters from 2 different era...

The only impression of the classical poets i have, mostly look skinny and lean, both upper limbs were slim with no beef. Just like the ORIENT Bambino...

Whereas the only impression of the ancient warriors i have, mostly look beefed up, including the upper limbs. And carries weapons of various size, long or short which coincidentally matches the look on the dial of the SEIKO Solar Chrono here... in desciption...

A Warrior is easily identifiable, everything on the warrior is all beefed up. And muscular, compare to small built poets.

Although this warrior is not just only a land beast, it can swim up to 100m deep as well! In contrast, the gentleman cannot even take a shallow dip near the shore. Haa~~~
The beefed up warrior, with leather "boots", resembles the modern bike rider, looks rough! If the boots is metallic, more tough!

Today's addition of this SSC264, is a sixth solar chronograph to the collection of SEIKO "dive" quartz watches.
And it is also the biggest of all.
Such a warrior will be a waste if kept at home. I should bring it to see the light, brush it up, and show to the public more often!

That's it! It shall be promoted to be my weekday "close guard"!!!
:-d :-d :-d :-d :-d​
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