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1903 omega PW

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Hi guys,

Second time posting here. instead of asking more questions I thought it was about time I gave something back.

Here is the omega pocketwatch I was given a few weeks ago. It belonged to my great grandfather who was a captain in the british army in WWI, accompanying him at the battle of the somme as well as others during his time of military service.

The movement itself is dated to 1903 and is a 19''HN - considered to be the first movement and the very keystone of the omega company. unfortunately however, the case is from 1913 and was a replacement after the original one was damaged; it is plated brass and has a screw down bezel and hinged movement mount.

The dial itself is in very good condition with no cracks or blemishes and the hands are rose gold.

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You have to attach them if they are on your hard drive. Otherwise you have to upload them to a photo hosting site like and then use the forum software. Obviously we cannot read links to files on your PC or you are really in trouble.
Use the Manage Attachments button in the Advanced Settings.


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It looks to be in great condition and is a very high grade watch with an interesting family history. This is a wonderful candidate for servicing and restoration to keep for future generations.
Looks like 17 jewels to me.
Well done. :-!
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