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Hello all,

I ordered a "mystery" Bulova from eBay the other day.

Watch Buckle Watch accessory Fashion accessory Metal

As you can see there was not much to be taken by the photos, but I thought I'd risk £10 and get it.

This is what I received:

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Material property
Watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Analog watch Material property

I was suprised there was no logo on the dial at first, and thought perhaps I was cheated by the seller. I opened it up and found a good looking movement with a good balance, but noticed something was missing.
A little research showed me what its supposed to look like..

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Strap
Watch Material property Fashion accessory Font Pocket watch

1942 Bulova One-Button Chronograph Caliber 10AH « AMBwatches

I can only gather that someone striped the chronograph parts, and left it to function as a simple watch.
Does anyone know where I can find Bulova parts for this?
It appears to be quite a rare watch, so I'm sure it wont be easy. Any advise welcome!


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Re: BULOVA 10AH - One Button Chronograph (missing parts)

Someone needed the parts to fix a nice watch so they picked this one as a donor. Then they sold the donor and you ended up with it.

You need to find a donor in worse shape. eBay is the most likely source. But given the condition of this watch, finding a donor in worse shape will be difficult. Most candidates would likely be the recipient watch, not the donor watch.

But, still, not bad for a £10 punt. :)
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