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Well 367 days to be exact since I synced most of my watches. Sadly some of them died during the year and have been fitted with new batteries . So some of the results may only show 3 months or so.
The first result was the Bulova Moon Watch. This ran for the full 367 days. As of today it is 7.6 seconds out. So week within spec .
Then we have one of the old style Certina DS action diver. Speced at 10s per year. This after a year was 20.8 seconds out.
Next is the Certina Chornometer 125 year ltd addition. This lost of the year 1.1s
Next is the Certina DS2 (new shape) New battery in December . So at 121 days and running at 0.7s fast.
Next one of the first of the new VHP watches in blue. 1 year on and running fast at 9.7 seconds .
NEXT a slightly later generation VHP in black once again a year on and running at 1.6s slow .
Finally a Grand Seiko at 216 days. This is running at 2.1 seconds slow .
All the watches have been unworn and have sat in a draw for this test.
The clocks change again this weekend in the UK. I will then reset them all and start again
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