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Time to vote on a movement for our project Laco. Since it was decided to use the 45 mm B-Uhr case, there isn't an option to use an automatic movement (the case doesn't have sufficient height to fit a rotor). This leaves us with three options; a base or decorated vintage Durowe movement or an ETA 2824-2. I haven't included a decorated ETA in the vote since no one requested such a modification in the discussion thread. Both the Durowe and ETA movements have a date complication. Whether or not we use this will be determined later during the DIAL discussion and vote. For more information on these movements please consult the first post in the MOVEMENT thread.

To vote, create a new post that ranks the following options in order of your preference.

Option 1: Durowe INT 7425-4 (base project price: 1,498 €)

Option 2: Durowe INT 7425-4 Decorated (base project price higher - more than 1,498 €)

Option 3: ETA 2824.2 - Modified to handwinding (base project price: around 950 €)


1. ETA 2824.2 (Winner)
2. Durowe INT 7425-4
3. Durowe INT 7425-4 Decorated
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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