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2011 Laco Special Edition Project - PROJECT THEME - VOTE

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Please read this post carefully!

This is NOT a discussion thread. The sole purpose of this thread is to give everyone a place to vote on a theme for the project watch and to make it easy for me to record those votes. For this reason any comments or replies posted in this thread will be removed. If you have any questions regarding this vote, please post them in the GENERAL DISCUSSION thread.

All voting conducted as part of the 2011 Laco - WUS Special Edition project will use the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system. Information on the STV system can be found at the Wikipedia website. However, a simple explanation of how STV works is that each person ranks the list of options being voted on in order of preference. You place the number of your favourite choice first, your second favourite choice second, and so on.

For example, let's say this was a vote on the colour of a dial. Assuming that my personal preference is for a white dial, I think black would be alright alternative, blue a less appealing choice and brown is plain ugly, this is how I would vote based on the list below: 3 - 1 - 2 - 4
  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. White
  4. Brown
You only need to rank at least four choices, so if the list has ten, rank your top four and ignore the rest. Finally, I ask that you only vote if you are seriously considering purchasing this Special Edition watch. This isn't a poll to determine popularity. Thank you.

Here are the options for this THEME vote:

1. Navigation Theme - Design based on the sun and wrist compasses used alongside the original B-Uhr

2. Flieger Theme - Variation of the current Laco B-Uhr dial (change in colour, design, etc...)

3. B-Uhr Theme - Design based on original B-Uhr models that pre-dated the current Laco designs

4. Artillery Theme - Design based on the W-SS artillery (aka sextant) dial

5. Civilian Theme - Non-military watch that draws inspiration from one of Laco's classic dial designs

6. Historical Theme - Commemorative design based on either a ship, plane, military unit or person

7. Timer Theme - Timer designs that include stopwatches and other measurement instruments

8. Navy B-Uhr Theme - An interpretative design that puts a Navy spin on the existing Laco B-Uhr design

9. Navy Theme - Design based on vintage Laco and Lange & Söhne naval B-Uhrs

One vote per person. Voting will close in one week (May 4).

Vote Results:
1. Artillery (Winner)
2. B-Uhr
3. Navy
4. Timer
5. Civilian
6. Navy B-Uhr
7. Historical
8. Navigation
9. Flieger
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