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2011 Laco Special Edition Project - PROJECT THEME

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This thread is ONLY for the discussion and voting of the Special Project's theme and the name of the watch (if it is decided that a name will be used).
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How about a "Patina" Dial ?

Well, since the case and the movement have been decided already, perhaps we can have a "Patina" dial just like what they did with some of those new Panerai watches (e.g. 372). We just need to decide wether it is a type A or type B dial. I would hope for a type B dial because it is less common.

On the case back, maybe we can print everything in German, not English.

So basically the limited watch will have the following "new" features:

1) vintage German made hand-wind movement
2) "Patina" dial but should still "lume" at night!
3) Case back engraved in German, not English
After read all the posts in this thread, I think I prefer military theme with w-ss or a similar design.
Re: Torpedo Theme

Once the theme has been decided I will clear through he REGISTRATION thread and start the registry; all future votes will require that you have signed up for the project.

If anyone feels differently about this, please voice your concerns now.
What do you mean by "clear through"? Are you going to start a new registration list? How about people who have already registered?
1 - 3 of 280 Posts
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