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2011 Laco Special Edition Project - REGISTRATION LIST

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This thread is ONLY for the Registration List and ordering/payment information regarding the Special Edition project.

If you wish to join and participate in this project, please create a post in this thread so that we can add you to the list. Also, if you're no longer interested in remaining involved in the project, we please ask that you let us know so that we can remove your name and keep the list up to date.

We are not assigning SE numbers at this point - so please don't bother to request them. Numbering won't be done until we have a final design and a list of 50 buyers. Those that have paid deposits will be able to select a SE number from those available.

  1. Uwe W.
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It sounds interessting, so for now i'm in. Depending on the type of watch which will be used and ofcourse price.
I'm interested to see where this goes, design-wise, so I'm in for now. Thanks Uwe.
yes, please (for a Flieger)
until price is discussed .....:-!
I am in for a Flieger - not for a Marine.
I would be in for a flieger as well.

33. doctorchrisp
I am in for LE38/50 regardless of the outcome. Count on me

No 21 please.

I am definitely interested. Of course it will be nice if we know the price range.

I would like to reserve No. 31 and my member name is redwatch.
Interested - which ever design of a historic German watch or clock.
Just what I've been waiting for. Count me in! :)
Count me in at least until we get some idea of price.
Going to have to bail on this one, price is a little above my budget.
Count me in until price is discussed. Would like a flieger.
You guys mean that as soon is we start getting a cost indication, you will be out?

;-) :-d
Thanks, Uwe. I'm in for either a flieger or a marine.

1 - 20 of 122 Posts
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