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2021 advent calendar?

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Hello all,
I have had a Marine Original silver dial in my basket for months now but can never quite bring myself to pull the trigger. I have done the necessary searches and I understand that Stowa doesn't offer discount codes. I did read about previous advent calendars though and just had it confirmed from their helpdesk that it'll run again this year. My question is, what sort of reductions to the advent calendars generally offer? Ergo, are they worth waiting for? I envisage a long winter of me lazily winding my 6498!!
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No status change for me yet. Not sure when to expect mine. ¯\(ツ)

Order Date:

Order State:
order received
7 weeks and 3 days and nothing yet. But who’s counting?
Sorry KRedman... Hopefully it won't be much longer.
9 weeks and 3 days :)
I'm sorry :(. What do they say when you ask them about it?
Just that they’ll let me know when it’s shipped. I figured it would be longer since I ordered it right before Xmas and they did the sale.No rush really, but I am looking forward to it.
OK, now it makes sense to me. I also ordered my watch on December 24th. My selection was also not pre-made, listed on the calendar. My watch is a simple ETA 7001. Your watch probably requires more work to execute and assemble due to the complications. That's my guess. I received my Marine on Feb 12th.
....yours is well worth the wait!

I say to my wife while waiting long for our entrees at a nice restaurant, "at least we know it wasn't under a heat lamp!" (not to imply those pre-made calendar watches are in anyway compromised. I bought one a few years back and it was impeccably made!)
Ya, that’s exactly what I’m thinking too. Plus I got orange hands instead of the red.
Nice!... post a photo when you get it!
I definitely will whenever that day comes! 😂
I received this today, so hopefully I’ll be seeing this awesome watch soon!

I think I’ll like the red better than orange anyway :)

thank you very much for your patience in this matter.

Honestly speaking we have encountered the following problem during the course of the final phase of production.

Currently we only have red hands available which we could certainly color in orange, yet there may be different hues of orange pertaining to the small and big second hand compared to the central arrow hand.

Thus we would like to kindly ask you whether this would be ok for you or whether we should switch to red instead.

Either way we would llike to issue a € 100,- voucher for you for all the inconvenience and delay caused by this.

Please do accept our apologies from your Stowa team.

Thank you in advance for your kind feedback and understanding in this matter.

Please feel free to contact me for any further questions.

I wish you a nice day.

With best regards from the Black Forest
Wow. Good for you! Use that voucher for a nice Stowa strap!

I would choose the red too!
That’s a good idea. I was already thinking about which new watch to buy! Haha.
Exactly 90 days today. Must be a difficult one to make. 🙄
And just like that, I received an email that it will finally be delivered in the next day or two!
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