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2021 advent calendar?

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Hello all,
I have had a Marine Original silver dial in my basket for months now but can never quite bring myself to pull the trigger. I have done the necessary searches and I understand that Stowa doesn't offer discount codes. I did read about previous advent calendars though and just had it confirmed from their helpdesk that it'll run again this year. My question is, what sort of reductions to the advent calendars generally offer? Ergo, are they worth waiting for? I envisage a long winter of me lazily winding my 6498!!
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Has anyone who ordered on the Advent Calendar sale got their watches yet? Ordered a Type B on the 23rd said 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. Coming up on three weeks now and no word on it shipping. Been my grail watch for years and cannot wait!
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I ordered in the same time frame and they sent an email saying they'd be closed from roughly Christmas to Jan 10th for the holidays. So I imagine they're just now ramping back up again. Hopefully soon.
Didn't know they closed that long for Christmas was hoping they were back last week, Hopefully we hear soon. Only 3 weeks now and they did say 3 to 4 so I suppose no point chasing them yet.

In November 2006 I ordered a FO L.E. and waited for their 'Go and fetch it from Engelsbrand' till October 2008.........
Three weeks isn't worth to talk about,

Volker ;)
That seems a ridiculously long time. Had you paid in full? Don't mind a few weeks after paying in full but a timeline like that they should surely just take a deposit.
Thanks for the update. Didn't feel the need to start chasing them yet as it'a only 4 weeks tomorrow. Looks like they left their Christmas Holidays out of their calculations of an ETA of 3 to 4 weeks. I'll give it another 2 then.
Finally got shipment notification! Should have it Friday 😁

Was resigned to it being another week or two. I messaged them Monday evening and they replied Tuesday apologizing to give them time as due to the high demand and the break they were behind schedule.

Got another email saying pretty much the same thing this morning from a different agent so was surprised to get a shipping notification a few hours later.
Well it landed yesterday. Absolutely delighted with it.
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