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A few years ago I won an auction for 3 non working pocket watches for about GBP50. I have finally got around to restoring them. Here they are-

From left to right- A seven jewel with going barrel (Chester 1900), An 11 jewel fusee (London 1888), and another 11 jewel fusee by David Bell, Accrington (Chester 1876).

The seven jewel going barrel. Movement number 470647, case number 466167. Probably re-cased at some point. The crystal is chipped at the 3 o'clock position but I think I will keep it that way.

The 11 jewel fusee (London 1888). This one has a new sternkreuz crystal.

11 jewel fusee by David Bell, Accrington (Chester 1876). I have got this one working but it needs a full overhaul.

Good deal, I think :)

Kind regards


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I don't see any pics?

"Computer says 'no'"!

EDIT- S'okay, refreshed again and they came up. Damn IP has lost the plot!

Great watches my friend!
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