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This was my father's about 35 years old maybe?

More than likely never serviced and sat in a drawer not moving for a good 30 years used on occasion by him.
I started wearing it about 10 years rarely, put it on a auto winder about 5 years ago

It loses about 5 min a day and after 2-3 weeks its about 90-120 min slow even on an auto winder with the correct # of rotations

I asked about 5 years ago cost to service it local high end jeweler ( long's in boston) said 1100$ min. I believe the RSC when i called said a similar price

Well..... are there any other options like an independent watch repair near boston? so long as they use rolex parts?
I did a search on this forum and didnt really see anything other than ones in NE ohio or CA. I see online independent watch websites but I'd rather go drop oneoff in person even if its a 90 min drive from here, its that sentimental to me...

I am not concerned about the drop in $$$ for non authorized rolex service senter as this is 100% sentimental.

money is not freeflowing right now with a growing 2yo and another one on the way....
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