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Re: Now THAT is...

truly "Styling". b-) Gorgeous set Brad! :-! May I borrow the one on the far left and the one on the far right for a few years? I promise 'll return them sometime in the not too distant future.... ;-) :-d
Sadly the one on the far left isn't currently working properly (I dropped it !!!) and the one on the far right is not up to your standard. It's actually quite battered. The crown winder ir original but has practically no gold left on it, there are loads of dinks all over it (its a gold plated version) and someone attacked it with a machette at some point trying to get the back off it - at least that's what it looks like o|

I have has it since 2003 - it came with its original box, is completely original and it had even had just had a service from Breitling themselves - and came with the service reciept and a service leaflet from Breitling ( which cost about as much as I paid for it ). At the time I assumed the model designation on the case "2002" was because it was a new back added by Breitling when they serviced it - complete rubbish as I have learnt since :)

So, you see, I would lend them to you if only they were any good :)

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