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In 2011, Botta-Design from Königstein im Taunus celebrated the 25[SUP]th[/SUP] anniversary of its UNO one-hand watch – followed less than two years later by the next important anniversary: Botta-Design has just received the 50[SUP]th[/SUP] design award for its products, this time for the outstanding design quality of its DUO 24 dual-time-zone watch.

Time and time again, Botta-Design products win awards from renowned design institutes. Back in 1986, Klaus Botta developed his one-hand classic, the UNO. The UNO’s revolutionary design and unusual approach to displaying the time reaped Klaus Botta no fewer than nine national and international design prizes.

The UNO’s display principle was quickly picked up on by competitors, and triggered a wave of copycat one-hand watches, a trend that still continues to this day. Almost all of these watches feature a design that is recognizably based on the UNO.

The way the UNO displays the time is amazingly simple and logical. It functions in much the same way as a measuring instrument, like the speedometer in a car. Thanks to the highly precise hand and specially scaled dial, the time is presented as a clear and easily readable measured value. The UNO renounces the usual complexity of the dial in favour of maximum clarity.

In subsequent years, Klaus Botta consistently advanced this principle of simplification and applied it to new watch models. His motto, “We make originals”, characterizes the entire range of models.

The list of design awards reads like a “who’s who” of the industry:

  • Red Dot Design Award,
  • IF Design Award,
  • Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany,
  • Good Design Award Chicago
  • Good Design Japan
  • Design Plus,
  • Spark Design Award,
  • Focus Open,
  • German Design Award,
  • Award of the Frankfurt Museum of Applied Arts

His latest development, the DUO 24 dual-time-zone one-hand watch, convinced the international jury of the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design in the USA. It was honoured with the renowned “Good Design” award and included in the museum’s permanent collection.


The DUO 24 also impresses with its clear design style, its unusual display principle and, last but not least, its outstanding craftsmanship – a “made in Germany” timepiece.

About Botta-Design

Botta-Design has been designing and developing wristwatches with exacting design and quality standards for over 25 years. The company’s products are manufactured exclusively in specialist German workshops, strictly following the principle of “designed in Germany – made in Germany”.


Klaus Botta and his team work at the point where design meets engineering. Klaus Botta initially studied technical physics at the University of Bayreuth and then completed a degree in product and industrial design at the Offenbach Hochschule für Gestaltung (Design College).

He founded Botta-Design in 1986. As well as being commissioned to make products in the areas of HiFi and video technology, mechanical engineering and consumer goods, wristwatches were part of the company’s product portfolio right from the start.

Klaus Botta believes his formula for success is attributable to his years of close cooperation with German manufacturing companies, which has a direct beneficial impact on the quality of his products and concepts. This is confirmed not only by his client base, but also by experts: Botta-Design received its 50[SUP]th[/SUP] design award in 2013.

His products have been included in the collections of the world’s leading museums, and have advanced to become design classics.

At the company’s headquarters in Königstein, a highly qualified and motivated team is responsible for the conceptualization, design, development, quality control, sale and service of the watches, as well as for customer support – covering everything from A to Z. From the very first design sketch to the moment a product is released for sale, Klaus Botta supervises and directs every single step of the process in close cooperation with various manufacturers in Pforzheim and in the Black Forest. In order to guarantee the technical durability of the watches, only the highest-quality materials are used, such as sapphire glass, stainless steel and titanium, and Swiss movements made by ETA and Ronda.

Once again, Klaus Botta will be presenting a number of interesting and award-worthy new models this year.

Visit the Botta-Design website
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