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6139 6002 pushers sticking and losing 8 minutes a day...

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Just wondered if anyone can offer any advice/guidance on the following.
The pushers are sticking, which seems fairly common, usually down to the hardened rubber seals.
I took it to the local watch repair guy, who initially informed me that the seals were rock hard and needed replacing. I sent him two new replacement seals and he is now saying it is not the seals (returned them unused) or the springs. He reckons it is the case itself and had tried switching the upper and lower pushers, but it didn't make any difference. The watch is in really good condition, so this seems a bit strange???
Just wondered if anyone had any ideas.
Also, it was losing a minute a day, so I asked if he could speed it up, the first attempt it was then losing 4 mins a day and now after a second attempt, it's losing 8 mins a day. Don't quite know what to think.
Does anyone know any reputable UK Seiko service specialists?


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Pushers can be just accumulation of dirt, broken springs, poor seal etc. If that was how far he's got trying to improve the timekeeping then look elsewhere. If it couldn't be improved he should have told you it needs servicing before making it worse! When mechanical watches start to run so far off ideal its rare they just need adjusting. Its usually needing proper service work.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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