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Hello!Cleaning my strap box.For sale today I have these 7 straps for one great price $140 including PP and shipping CONUS,for overseas shipping is additional $10.
Watch accessory Strap Belt Fashion accessory Buckle
From left to right:
Black grainy leather with white stitch(came with Makara), 24mm, 125/85, brand new and never worn
Dark brown with brown stitch(this one came with Magrette),plenty of life,24- 22mm,120/75
Blue with minimal blue stitch,from a maker in Chile,plenty of life, 22mm, 125/75
Blue with red keeper and red stitch byBeau Bands,worn two times,any imperfections- it came this way(I would say,very amateurish work),22mm,120/70
Brown with white stitch(came with Olivier),plenty of life,24- 22mm,120/75
Black rubber(Isofran like) with vanilla scent,new,never worn, 22- 20mm,125/75
Nylon NATO with three BRASS rings,new,never worn, 24mm, 300mm
Now,when I say "plenty of life" I mean exactly that- strap was mounted,came with watch,worn a couple of times and that's it!I don't usually wear watch on a stock straps,so that's why my strap box is overflown....
Thanks for looking!
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