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7002 Gasket Question

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Hey guys,

Could anyone help me find a complete gasket set (crystal, bezel, case back, and crown) for a Seiko 7002 diver? I would like to get all the seals replaced and have the watch's water resistance tested.

If they are not available as a set, where would be the best place to by them individually?

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Hey, after some serious searching I was able to find the part numbers to the gaskets.

caseback 0C3060B0A (same as for 7S26 series divers)
crystal 86591310 (SKX007 uses 86600630)
bezel 0Z3660B01 Discontinued - Use 0C3660B02 (SKX007 uses 0G345BA11)

The only question is where to find these parts??

I searched Jules Borel & Company, and Cousins UK - Clock Watch parts batteries jewellery findings Tools Equipment without results.

Those are the only two places I ever use.
If you give Cousins a call, they can pretty much source anything you want. And I mean anything (watch related, of course!)

You can use generic 32mm crystal "I" gaskets and several of eBay sellers should have the 7002 and 6309 bezel gaskets.

I'm too lazy to measure, but measure the case opening for the 7002 crystal. Subtract 32mm from that, then divide that number by two.

You'll have the gasket thickness to order when looking for a generic 32mm crystal gasket. Sometimes the gaskets are listed by ID and OD. ID is 32mm and the OD is the case opening.

Borel, Ofrei and Esslinger should sell them.
Hey guys,

Thanks so much for your help. I've been able to track down all but the crystal gasket. I would like to order an "i" gasket as recommended by bluloo, but the ones listed on esslinger just ask for a single size. I am not sure if this is the ID or OD. Also, I don't have a good tool to measure the OD of a 7002 case. If anyone knows that measurement, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks again.
Any luck. Got same question on the glass gasket size.
Honestly, I don't think I was ever able to source a decent crystal gasket for the 7002s from a major parts supplier. I did end up buying one from Swedefreak through the sales forum (if I remember correctly). It was not cheap but after searching everywhere it was the only one I could find.

I think I've owned at least 10 7002 and the crystal gasket availability is their biggest weakness. For this and a few other reasons I have pretty much given up on the 7002 as a restorable dive watch. To me it would be worth paying a little extra up front and buying a 6309 to start your project... In my experience they're way easier to make water tight (although the crown gasket is kinda crazy to replace). If you really need that 7002 gasket I'd PM Swedefreak.
Any luck. Got same question on the glass gasket size.
Try eBay, SEIKO PART 86591310, it fits 7002-7000/01/09 models.

Zombie thread walking?

Anyway, crystal gaskets have to be replaced only when faulty. But I understand that typically a newbie thinks to know better.
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