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Over the past few years of collecting, modding and restoring 7S/4R/6R movements, I've run across recurring scenarios:
- Cap jewel flies across the room, cursing ensues
- Balance/hairspring limits the amplitude, QC issue (newer) or corrosion (older), needs replacing
- Movement is missing balance cock/assembly

In researching replacement parts, there's plenty of misinformation. The Seiko technical guides can provide all of this, but it can be time consuming each time to track down the part numbers, and find a supplier. This post attempts to provide a "cheat sheet" for these commonly needed parts, and documented interchangeability.

I've included parts info for CousinsUK, as it's my go-to source. Obviously we all end up on eBay when there's no direct source. It would be great to get other suppliers documented as well!

Train cap jewels: All 7S4R/6R (Diafix)
Cap Jewel: 0011 221 (Cousins SEI011221 £5.50)
Cap Jewelled Spring: 0015 703 (Cousins SEI29690 £3.00)

Balance jewels top/bottom: All 7S4R/6R (Diashock)
Shock absorbing jewel: 0011 220 (Cousins SEI011220 £1.65) [also 700x series]
Shock absorbing spring: 0014 577 (Cousins SEI014577 £3.25)

Balance complete with stud
7S26(A): 0310 020 (Cousins SEI310020 £13.35) [also 700x series]
7S26(B/C)/4R36: 0310 197
6R15B: 0310 046 (Cousins SEI310046/obsolete)
6R15C: 0310 185 (Cousins SEI310185 £29.95)

Balance cock (complete or balance cock)
7S26A: 0171 107 (Cousins SEI171107/obsolete)
7S26B: 0171 197
7S26C: 0171 355 (Cousins SEI171355 £8.95)
4R36: 0171 353
6R15: 0171 115
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