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I recently bought the new Seiko 7T86 watch (SPC 129P1) as wanted to find out more about this type of the 7T chronograph range which started from the original 7T32 and the differences and ease of use between them.

1. The 7T86 has many improvement even over the 7T62 such as battery life which is now 5 years compared to 3 years for the 7T62 and 2 years in the 7T32

2. I found the 7T32 was the easiest to set up and use as they had 3 buttons and two crowns (one for setting the time and date and the second one was used for setting second time and turning alarm on and off) and you had to synchronise the small time to the main time manually.
The 7T86 is a little bit trickier in setting the time as it incorporates many more functions such as the months, years, and day of the week and having only just two buttons with the crown to set them all before watch can be started. Also can switch between normal time and calendar or chronograph at a touch of a button which I like.

3. Calendar: in the 7T32 model is pretty straight forward as only having the date using only the crown in first click to set,
The 7T86 in first click of crown and using the two buttons to set the Month, Date, Year and Day. Using button A you can check in time/calendar mode such as Month, Date, Year, The calendar works off the secondary time rather than the main time as the watch being perpetual works in a different way adjusting for leap years and months

4.Chronograph: The 7T32 measures time in 1/5 increment with 30 minute increment repeated up to 6 hours maximum,
The 7T86 measures 1/5 increment and 60 minute increment up to 24 hours on small dial at bottom instead of the dial on left hand side which also doubles up as secondary time and alarm time, Again I like the 24 hour stopwatch over the original 7T32.

5. Alarm: The 7T32 setting the alarm was easy as it just as simple as pulling the second crown out to first click and just pressing the bottom button of left side to set the alarm time. The crown is also used to turn alarm on and off just with a simple pull to first click to turn on alarm and push back in to turn alarm off and returning to secondary time, alarm works using the 12 hour system so would go off twice a day.
The 7T86 again is just as simple pulling crown out to first click and then using the bottom button to set the alarm and then push back in showing the alarm time using 24 hour time and will work once each day which is better than the original 7T32 in many ways as the crown is pushed back in better for water resistance too.

Overall the 7T32 is pretty good watch such as ease of use in setting up time, alarm etc and I like the set up in them so they score well for that and also easier to use the smaller time for second time zone without having to reset the watch unlike the 7T86, on the downside with water resistance if you have the second crown at first click to turn on alarm can easily forget that it's not fully pushed back in fully and let in water if swimming and it doesn't have as many features that the new 7T86 has. However the 7T86 although was tricky to set up initially once everything has been set and adjusted if needed, I found this was a breeze to use and like the way it switches from time/calendar to chronograph mode with just a push of a button and back again, Another winner with this watch is the 24 hour chronograph and having perpetual calendar also makes a big difference especially if you have a habit of forgetting to adjust the date at end of months that are less than 31 days, also like the day and months and year which all adds up to a great watch by Seiko. Here is the picture of the two Seiko 7T chronograph range watch I was comparing one on left is the newer 7T86 and one of the right is the more original 7T32

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