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Caveat emptor; I think all luxury watches are overpriced, the following is, then, all relative.

Since Baselworld 2011, there have been many threads heralding Omega's 'going up a tier' and 'out of reach for me'. I myself posted the latter sentiments (though have ended up buying a PO).

Anyhow, browsing ADs lately, I'm now questioning some of our (or at least my) views on this. The inevitable comparison is with Rolex, while others note that in this price range Zenith (for example) is hoving into view, and therefore maybe there watch dollars / pounds will go elsewhere.

Well maybe so, but in the last couple of weeks I seen;

- A v7750 (by the looks) Ball chrono at £3500 (that's £200 or £300 (strap or braclet) short of the PO8500) and many standard watches in the Ball range at £2500, where the old PO roughly was. Now we all factor in brand cachet to these discussions - I don't think anyone I know would know who Ball is (good as they may be).

- A Breitling v7750 at £5500. That is more expensive than the 9300 PO Chrono or Speedmaster.

- Auto Tag chronos just shy of £3000, £3500 if they have the 1887 and over £4k for monacos and some grand carreras weighing in at over £5k (and thus more expensive than PO 9300)

Placed in this context, Omega remains looking not bad (relative) value at all.
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