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#8 CR1 landed in Bucharest

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After sitting in a UPS warehouse since December 31st I finally got the watch. What can I say, it is gorgeous, the size is just right for me (it wears a bit bigger that it is, my wrist size is about 7"), the lume is good and it has a nice weight :) - I'm pretty excited right now :)

Photos and a first accuracy assessment will follow tomorrow 'cause I have a terrible headache at the moment.

Edit: oh, if you have questions or want specific details, please don't be shy!
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Still no pics but a quick update on the accuracy, looks like after 3 days #8 is at +2 secs. I wear it about 10 to 11 hours a day and put it to rest face-up over the night. Looking *very* good so far.

Ahh and another impressive thing: each morning, before turning on my bedside lamp I look at the watch and the lume is *still* visible, faint, but I could read the time (of course, dark adapted eyes after a long sleep) and all this without charging the lume before. So it scores another point for me :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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