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I am glad to share this book. It is about Slava and illustrates not only watches and alarm clocks but also the factory, its machinery, equipment, library, social life, in addition to telling the story of Slava.

I think it was published in 1976 or shortly thereafter because in the text there are some explicit references to Ninth Five Year-Plan (1971 - 1975). The illustrations are in the typical style of the Brezhnev era.

The text è in russian and english, it is short but rich of information.

Good reading!

To download the pdf version:

LIbro Catalogo Slava 1976.pdf

To view the pages on-line:

Some pictures:

and.. have you seen on the table? a Mona Lisa reproduction! now the question is: where the "Mona Lisa" Slava is? whe was it done?:-d:-d:-d

and where the books are now?:p

and... the watches?

The book is rich of many details, The book is rich in detail, both in terms of production and the environment and the age:

A last picture.
I cannot forget that the Second World War was fought, and won, foremost in the Soviet Union.
I cannot forget the millions of people who sacrificed themselves for us.
The Slava's workers partecipated first to the defense of Moscow in 1941 and then in later years, the entire war.

Cпасибо, большой обнять вас всех.

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