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My personal interest as ou might know is the beginning of the "industrial" continental pocket watch and of course Zenith. Therefore I always look on markets after early Lepines and I guess you understand that this watch without glas, 5 cm diameter a mismatching minute hand and less than 1 cm height caught my eye.


In between I organzed a new glas and it doesn't look really like a lepine anymore with this high domed one. You're right its a very simple continental verge. No stones, no engravings, no gold beyond the cock, no finish of the columns


I was really surprised. I thought in this aera (prob. 1850/60) a watch was so exclusive that some hours of work for a nice finish are not significant for the price. Has anyone an idea what has been he custumers target group for such a watch with obsolete technic and without any decoration and finish. The case is quite thin silver.

Kind regards Silke
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