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So i just pieced together a DW-6100 from parts I got off ebay.

I had one years ago and killed it, but have come to miss the temp sensor, so that sent me looking again.

I wanted temp, and thought compass would be nice, so went asking, and now have a couple Wademan on the way. In the meantime, I stumbled across a couple of auctions that would allow me to put together this 6100.

Now that I've got it and am wearing it I remember how much I like the sunrise/sunset function as well as the thermometer. I also remember camping in cold climates and taking the temp.

So, my questions:

1- Why do all the newer EL-equipped temperature G's only go down to -4 degree Celcius, when this older model can do -14 degree

2- Are there any other temperature G's that offer sunrise/sunset?

3- Do any of the Pathfinders offer a sunrise/sunset function?

4- Has anyone ever converted an LED backlight to EL?
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