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My small family of Suuntos.
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I knew nothing of these watches until I came across the M3 when I was looking for a regatta timer for timing my sailboat racing starts. I found it in a boat suppliers. It has given me 8 years of faithful service. I use it on a sailing dinghy so it get salty and wet on a regular basis. It's had a replacement strap and I like that I can replace batteries myself. The bezel had compass points on it but they have since worn off.
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I was looking for a decent quality digital watch for everyday use and the Suunto Observer titanium made perfect sense. I bought this one on ebay and it is like new. I changed the strap from the metal/rubber to the rubber strap as I prefer this type.
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And I also found the Suunto X6 which looks just like the M3 sailing watch but is an ABC watch and it has a stainless steel case rather than the M3's plastic case. It is also lke new but I did replace the standard leather strap for a rubber one.
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All of these watches are of the same family and use the same straps and battery covers.
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