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A neighbor has asked me to move on a few watches for her, one of which I may be purchasing as the deal is too good to be true, but it is.

You know, wealthy types that are moving on, so someone here can steal these watches...

I've authenticated both watches with Panerai.

Panerai PAM 112

It's been worn, it needs to go for a spa treatment to get surface scratches out, but no deep scratches, crystal is perfect and the strap is in good shape too. Basically, this was worn by a woman as jewelry and she is moving on. No box or papers, that didn't seem to register with her as to why she'd keep that, but here's the kicker...

She only wants $3K for it, which means $3k net to me. Obviously, that is firm.

I can send pics, but if you look up PAM 112, you'll see what it is and I really don't want to spend too much time on this as I make nothing, but figured, since what I can see, these go for well over 4.5K elsewhere, it might be a good deal for someone that does not mind putting it in for a mild polish once you get it for a couple hundred.

Second one is a Pam 093 titanium with power reserve, a couple of very small blemishes, small one on the bezel, but mostly a very clean watch, not in need of a light level refinish like the 112. Crystal perfect, blue dial, blue strap in good awesome watch that I am seeing for well over 6.5K pre loved elsewhere.

No box or papers either, but she only wants $4K for this one.

Let me know. Call or text me at 781-775-5650 as I'm about to get on the road again and will not be as attentive to email or WUS.

I have bought and sold many watches on WUS, and this transaction is being done as a favor to a friend, but I can guarantee authenticity and will be happy to discuss via phone.

Update: I am receiving multiple texts on both of these watches (093 sold) and expect them to go in the next minutes, so please, give me a call to establish who you are as i will not sell to non established members.

A couple of folks asked for a back of watch you go.

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PAM 112 is still available...many inquiries but no funds yet.
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