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A lurker dipping his toes in the water.

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So, I've always loved watches, specifically mechanical ones.
I love time pieces in general, though.
I have four clocks, a pocket watch, and a (working) vintage Omega movement in front of me right now!

Despite my love of watches, it wasn't until this year that I finally started buying some and wearing them daily.
After years of browsing eBay and numerous other websites, the first watch I bought for myself was a Rotary semi-skeleton (image not of mine):
Analog watch Watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Silver

Once I had that on my arm, I was completely smitten, and the collection began.

Next came a vintage Rotary pocket watch that I can't seem to find any information on.
(If anyone has any information on the watch, it would be much appreciated!)

Then, wanting a taste of Omega, I bought an Omega 510 calibre watch movement.
My plans were to make a frankenwatch with it as a project, but that has been back burnered since I discovered I was over my head on that one!

Right now I also have a Fossil Aut-o-Matic watch with a visible rotor.

Currently on the way I have an Android Mystique watch, an Android Enforcer pocket watch, and a blue IP Android skeleton I bought from a WUS member.

Currently I have my eye on a few Russian 24 hour dial watches, and some Pilot style watches I am interested in.
I also want to buy some really cheap Chinese mechanical watches to practice on so I can make that Omega project happen.

So, after a long time lurking around here, I've taking a few steps toward the water with some posts, but I decided to finally dive in and introduce myself.

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Welcome to WUS & f71. Looks like you're on your way ti a nice collection already!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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