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Re: Grumblings about the Ambit from a RUNNER's perspective.

(I guess you can't complain when the moderator is out of topic.. :)

As a fairly ambitious recreational runner planning for my up comming 40 year crisis I think the Ambit is really, really nice. I have had it for a few days and has done three training sessions so far (missed my morning run, seems like I'm coming down with a cold, a bit grumpy about that..)

So far I really like 'peak training effect' and recovery time. I used PTE to keep effort low during a recovery run (I tend to run too fast during long runs and recovery runs), this is similar to keeping track of HR zones but I would like some more info on using PTE/EPOC 'zones' for different excercises (i.e. pro/con with using PTE/EPOC compared to HRzones).

Features I miss:
- Pre-programmed interval programs, i.e. warmup, 8x400m, cooldown. (including intervals based on time or distance)
- HR zone info in the watch during runs and the possibillity to set alarms when going outside chosen HR zone.

My old Polar RS800sd had more running features but I got tired of the footpod and for trail running the Ambit will be really great (and It will help me find my way home:)

When it comes to the battery they are usually speced to a 'max' number of rechage cycles, capacity will be lower the more times you recharge it. BUT Im not sure it is a practical problem, friends with 4yo garmins seem to have maybe 50% battery capacity compared to when new. But then a 4yo garmin is practically crap anyway. With newer battery technology the battery hopefully survives better, it also has more capacity to begin with, and if you sync/charge it every other day anyway you will not notice. Hopefully it will still look great after 5 years and if I'm as satisfied with the functionality as I am now I can pay for a battery change if that is a problem. (but who knows what functionality will be available in new watches in 5 years...)
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