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First time doing a review of a G-shock, so please accept my apologies if it didn't sound too good.:)

bought this watch a couple of weeks ago, even right now still a bit in awe at the beauty of it.

the unboxing of it..

wrapped in a plastic bag wrapper...

first look at it.. The Project Team 'Tough'

love the shiny new caseback

rose gold strap keeper

the wrist shot

lets go through each of the modes available on the DW 5030C. the first mode that you enter would be the alarm mode, where interestingly, this is my first time seeing a watch being able to set an alarm for a specific day or month or even both combined, or probably I'm still a noob and haven't realised that this function is already available on most G-shocks.:-d

notice the 2 in the upper corner of the pic? that's the alarm set for February in general to sound.

now for this pic, its the date of the month that the alarm will sound on, in this case the 10th of each month. nifty eh? i guess a case can be made to set the date to signal your payday..:-d

the alarm tones are definitely much more louder than the other G-shock i have, the GW 9300 mudman. probably because as its not solar powered like the mudman, the folks at casio decided to increase the volume of it since its on a disposable battery.

next mode would be the timer. standard casio make, from 1 sec to 24hrs. like the fact that the current time is displayed in this mode.there's an auto repeat timing function that can be switched on and off in case you fancy it so.

lastly, the 24hrs stopwatch. again, a standard feature in almost all casio watches.

so,what's left to say? the weight of it is definitely something to be noticed, and the strap feels rather comfy to wear. overall, it is a rather understated watch, most likely if you wear it out, its not an attention grabbing watch like the GA series or the other models for that matter. but what the hey, as long as you feel good about it, who cares? b-) though be careful not to scratch the keeper! seems rather easy to place your hand on a hard surface and scratch that beautiful keeper without knowing it... hope you guys enjoy this review! thanks for reading!:)
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