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A sleazy British company is making a fake Rolex clock that threatens Rolexes revenues ($13,000,000,000 in 2021).

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There was no wait list and so I bought one. It was a bit of a middle finger up to Rolex for their nasty bullying.

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My kids love it, I put it in their playroom.
Just a bit of a middle finger? Not confident to go all the way up? And don’t you Brits double finger? Longbow archers and all?

It's a frivolous lawsuit aimed at going after a company that doesn't have the financial resources to fight back.

Nobody in their right mind thinks that a children's clock branded "Oyster & Pop" has anything to do with Rolex. Period.

If they labeled it "Rolex Oyster" or "Oyster Perpetual" then Rolex would have grounds - this is just meanspirited and totally turns me off their brands entirely. No longer going to buy that Tudor that was on my list.
Yup, you show them Mark! Tudor going down due to one watch sale!
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We cater to our audience!
Would be better if you were true to yourself. I actually prefer the British double finger version. More of a visual impact.
There's another example of why I love it when people make unmoral (with copyrighted name/logo) replicas of ROLEX watches, especially of "classic" models no longer made by the company. Rolex is petty and like so many more parasitic capitalists schemes subverts our rights to fair use, independent repair, they are evil. That's glock just a silly thing for children, can there be a better example of chilling overreach?
You’re trying to sell Glocks to children?!??? What?!
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This clock is NOT "close enough to Rolex's business." Rolex doesn't make a single clock. That's just, like, your opinion, man.
They don’t? They time events with wristwatches? Guess you like, have an opinion, man?
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Do you really believe that Rolex makes these? Do you think they make this stuff as well?

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No, I’m aware that promotional items are subcontracted. Who makes the official timers for them?
Love the fanboys who are defending Rolex hahaha
Not too crazy about Rolex haters that feel the need to come to Rolex/Tudor subforum to bash the brand any chance they get. Do you see that kind of stalking on Seiko or Omega pages? How does your comment actually contribute to the topic posted?
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It points out how shockingly undignified the company is. It's all about a lack of dignity.
? which company?
It points out how shockingly undignified the company is. It's all about a lack of dignity.
If you are referring to Rolex, it’s the dumbest thing I have heard. To come on a sub forum for Rolex and keep bashing it all the time shows me a lack of dignity from the negative poster. Do it on public forum or cafe, that’s fine. What I said is I don’t see Rolex “fanboys”, as some call them, go on other fora and spread their version of gospel. You know why? No need to. What else are we going to blame Rolex for? World hunger? Wars? Diseases?
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