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A sleazy British company is making a fake Rolex clock that threatens Rolexes revenues ($13,000,000,000 in 2021).

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Sometimes it feels like people on this forum don’t like Rolex.

Or more likely they’re all just mad that they can’t get on the AD list….😂🍿
What’s an AD List?
It's a piece of paper with names on it.

….. a target list??? …5100’s pages long?
Rolex isn't in the watchmaking business, as its own chairman explained years ago.

How many car brands …… Benz and Porsche makes Rolex look like pikers
When Rolex sent Oyster&Pop (I have one on the way now as a birthday gift for a youngster, seems like a cool bedroom wall accessory) a letter, it was actually sent to the owners by Rolex lawyers, saying "consumers will inevitably be misled into thinking that your products emanate from Rolex”.

I find it interesting. Rolex thinks all its customers are morons in a hurry. What's it like, being thought of as that stupid by the brand you lionise?
1 - 4 of 215 Posts