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A sleazy British company is making a fake Rolex clock that threatens Rolexes revenues ($13,000,000,000 in 2021).

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I hate when big companies piss on the little guy when it really doesn't make sense, and this is one of those cases for sure. Also, I've got a little lady at home who turns 5 soon, so this will be useful, so I ordered one!
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i didn't get that from the article, how did you come to that conclusion?
It just happens a lot. Examples from my cycling days:

Specialized made a company called "Epic Designs" change their name because Specialized sells a MTB called the 'Epic' and they claimed Epic Designs could confuse consumers due to their name. Epic designs made frame and saddle bags to strap to your bike to carry camping gear and whatnot for multi day rides. They didn't make bicycles. Also, claiming to own the word 'Epic' is a stretch. Specialized sent a cease and desist letter, Epic Designs was a very small company (literally a handful of people) who definitely didn't have the time or financial resources to challenge one of the largest cycling companies in the world, so just changed their name to Revelate Designs.

Another Specialized example, they did a similar thing for similar claimed reasons against a shop called "Roubaix Cycle Works' or something like that, it was a bike shop that sold a few different brands IIRC....and I think they were in Canada somewhere, but my memory if fuzzy on that. Specialized makes a bicycle called the Roubaix, a name which they got from an iconic and very famous French road bike race called Paris-Roubaix that's been around long before Specialized existed. The race runs from Paris to Roubaix, which is a town that has existed since long before bicycles even existed.

Both instances Specialized claimed that using those words (Epic and Roubaix) could confuse consumers and hurt their bottom line. Just like this instance of Rolex vs Oyster & Pop, I think any reasonable person would find that to be untrue.
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so you're an IP lawyer and understand the intricacies of IP
Clearly not. I do know enough to know that Rolex is well within their legal rights here, but, I also think they're over reaching.
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