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A sleazy British company is making a fake Rolex clock that threatens Rolexes revenues ($13,000,000,000 in 2021).

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I'm getting one because now I've seen one, I think they're cool. Was a bit dissappointed there weren't any S/S versions available though......
Hoping to flip on the grey market if they have to rebrand at twice retail price.:)
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Just got the call from the AD (Amazon Driver) and rushed out to
take delivery before they let it go to someone else.
Was half expecting to be ushered into the back of the van, plied with
champagne and given a goody bag, but no joy.
Now the proud owner of my very first (and almost certainly last) “Oyster”.
Loving the sweeping seconds hand, don’t often see that on a battery quartz.
It’s funny, every time I look at it I get this image of a shiny wristwatch in
my mind, no idea what it all means….

Clock Watch Measuring instrument Circle Font
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I see you went with the sportier dial - I guess yours is a "professional" reference. I went with the dressier dial as I think I'll tend to wear mine more with a suit.

Something seems off about the font on yours. I would say that perhaps you should get it checked to make sure it's not been re-dialed, but I know you got yours directly from the AD, so it should be fine.

I don't know if you're having the same problem as me, but it's not the thickness that's making it difficult for mine to slip under a shirt cuff, it's the diameter. I know everyone here says it's fine, but this really does wear large compared to my other Rolex watches.

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Yes, I was really lucky to be offered a sports model as a first time buy. I find it does peek out a bit from under a cuff, but happily I've got REALLY big wrists! :)
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