To say that the Baumuster “B-watch” is something of an icon would be a bit of an understatement. In truth, it’s more of a legend – a timeless, functional, reliable-as-heck precision timekeeping instrument that represented the first true pilot’s watch. It has continued to ensnare new admirers and drive impassioned enthusiasm, although apart from a steady rise in auction prices, not much has changed about it over the past 70 or so years – until now.

The B-Uhr “Baumuster B” has been reborn, in the form of the very limited-run Watch Angels design type.

This is not the first time we’ve written about Watch Angels – the innovative watch crowd manufacturing outfit that connects watch enthusiasts directly with designers and the manufacturer (Watch Angels itself which produces its watches in-house) to help birth unique, affordable timepieces that might not otherwise get the green light. This is the same group that was behind the reborn Waltham Field & Marine last year.

The Baumuster B is every bit as special a project, paying the proper amount of respect and faithfulness to the original pilot’s watch while giving it some practical, thoughtful updates. In essence, it’s how the B-Uhr would have been designed and built if it were made today.

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At a glance, the most instantly recognizable addition is the mono-push chronograph movement. In contrast to the more common two-button chronograph control scheme, a mono-pusher is far easier and faster to operate in flight – and this is a pilot’s watch, after all. The elapsed time dial indicator can be set easily by simply turning the bezel. The mechanical bezel mechanism has been designed with glove compatibility in mind.

In every other regard, the watch face is very much a throwback to the original Baumaster B design, with the same 5-minute-interval minute markers along the outer circumference, and a clearly marked hour dial inside, albeit with a cleaner, modern, more immediately readable font. The quadrilateral hands, are another recognizable nod to the original design.

In fact, the unique design concept of the watch is to look exactly like the three hands original when the chronograph is not active. This has been achieved by making sure that in this state all the hands of the chronograph overlap (and by choosing a monopusher chronograph with its single crown look).

But what makes a pilot’s watch goes further than skin-deep, and to that end, this special reissue features an officially certified chronometer, with protection from magnetic fields provided by a soft iron cage. The movement is a departure from the original, too; the watch makes use of a Sellita SW500 MPC b automatic movement, rather than a mechanical movement like the Baumusters of yesteryear. The Sellita automatic movement was chosen because it offers much more consistent power delivery than a hand wound unit, and in fact, the SW500 MPC b has been officially certified as a chronometer.

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Like all B-Uhr watches, the Watch Angels design type also carries the usual military markings that identify the instrument and the manufacturer. This time, they are engraved directly on the antimagnetic soft iron cage and can be seen through the sapphire crystal of the open case-back. An interesting take on B-Uhr markings and also on the purpose of an open case-back.

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The Watch Angels design type B-Uhr is available in four different variants: one with a simple matte black dial with contrasting white print; a stealthier black-dial variant with a black DLC-coated case and low-profile gray print; a handsome sunburst blue-dial one; and an eye-catching vintage-look radium variant with a gray DLC-coated case. All variants ensure ease of nighttime reading with X1-grade Super-LumiNova© luminescent pigment.

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That’s all obviously very, very good news. So what’s the catch? Just 240 total examples of this in-house produced and thoughtfully updated pilot’s watch will be manufactured – 70 each for the stainless steel-case variants, and 50 each for the DLC-coated versions. For Angel round buyers, the former are priced from 1,890 CHF (roughly $2,000 US) or 2,190 CHF (about $2,300 US) for the DLC-coated variants. Prices only go up from there; you can still save a fair amount on the Watch Angels design type B-Uhr as a reservation-holder after the Angel round closes, but wait until regular retail this December, and you’ll find that pricing has increased from 2,390 to 2,690 CHF – approximately $2,500 to $2,850 US.

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There’s still time to back this impressively-spec’d, high-precision take on the classic Baumuster. Visit the Watch Angels B-Uhr Baumuster B sales page for more info.