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I bought this "mystery" tide watch at a yard sale last week for a buck. The seller said it wouldn't work but what the hey - the culprit in a quartz watch is invariably a dead battery - I was willing invest in a replacement. Besides, I'd never owned a tide watch, we live practically surrounded by water, and it'd be fun to play with it. Sure enough, it started right up.
Finally traced the logo to "Rusty", a company specializing in sports equipment. They sell watches, but none with their logo. Never found instructions on how this gizmo operates.

Notice, first, the opposed a.m. & p.m. markings totaling 24 hours, which do not quite coincide with the 12 hour face. The concentric plastic & steel bezels reminded me of a circular slide rule, and that indeed is their function: to work with the watch face as a 3-ring slide rule for predicting tides!

So I aligned the current high & low tides on the plastic ring (note the raised "tits" to facilitate movement) with the inner a.m. & p.m. markings, then matched the day's date on the outer month ring with one of the high tides. I assumed that once I set the plastic ring to the current tide schedule, I'd be able forecast them by turning it to a different date, but noooooo...

That method only advances the tides, whereas everyone knows that tides come later with each passing day! Took me a week of picking it up, fiddling with it & putting it down (recalling my struggle to learn my aviator's circular slide rule in the early days) before the elegantly simple solution came to me in the middle of the night. I have no doubt that many WYS folks are a whole lot smarter than I am ... so I'm placing this puzzle on your collective lap for the solution.

In the meantime, I'll ruminate on an appropriate prize for the first correct answer...


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