Some people have written in recently asking ‘What’s with the Officially Bhanu Approved watch symbol?’ ‘What does it mean?’, and even, if you can imagine, “Who is Bhanu?”

Watchuseek old timers and those in the know look upon Bhanu Chopra (sometimes referred to as the Bald Headed Bhanu), as a real watch guy. That means he knows the difference between a great watch and a great watch wannabe.

At leading watch shows around the world, you will find Bhanu, often as not sitting with the founders and creators of some of the most revered independent brands - the Peter Speake-Marin’s and Stephen Forsey’s of this world -  sipping dutifully on Premium chilled Feldschlösschens, trying on their latest pieces. These owners and watchmakers want to know Bhanu’s opinion about their watches. His input is valuable because not only is it informed, it’s genuine.

Where wine tasters develop a heightened palate capable of detecting every nuance in a sip of wine, Bhanu has a well-educated wrist that instinctively knows when it is wearing a watch of quality and impeccable caliber, or conversely, a piece of pretentious nonsense.

True quality and impeccable caliber are often the reserve of expensive watches, pieces that are simply out of reach for most. Unlike The Watch Snob, Bhanu also approves of watches that are well within the means of most ordinary watch collectors, provided they have been built with passion, knowledge, thought and conviction.

The other thing to know about an ‘Officially Bhanu Approved’ watch is that the approval cannot be bought, no matter how many icy bottles of Premium Feldschlösschen or Michelin star worthy dishes are proffered. Every approval is from the heart. Incidentally, true story, I used to go kite flying on the beach in Mauritius with the then Managing Director of the Michelin Star Guide, and he assured me the principle is the same; a Michelin star simply cannot be bought.

So when you see a watch with the‘Officially Bhanu Approved’ symbol think of it as a Michelin star for watches. You can be sure it’s a watch worthy of consideration. It’s a piece Bhanu would love to own, or he may indeed even be saving up to buy - because that's another thing, he does not accept gifts.

Ladies and gentlemen, Bhanu has officially left the building.