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about buying on ebay

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I never bought anything on ebay and so I was browsing through the watches there. Why is the shipping so expensive? Most are $15 USD for a watch selling for $20 or $30. Sounds unbelievable to me.

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Funny this would come up..A couple of days ago I was cruising the bay looking at Ball watches. I came up on a Ball Diver with a Buy it now of $1!! On further investigation I saw the watch was $1 BIN plus $1455 shipping!!!

I e-mailed the seller to ask what the he!! he was doing asking so much for shipping... His reply was: "I do this when I sell high priced items, this way I don't have to pay the high e-bay seller fees!!!! WTF!!! Some people will always find a way!!

It seems to me that e-bay would be wise to something like this??? I never did follow up on the item to see if it sold or not, I personally would not trust a deal like that.. If it went bad how would you get your money back from PayPal??

Be careful on e-bay!! Read the ENTIRE item description and shipping terms!!!:rodekaart
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