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Hi guys... In the Dec 2007 issue of Watch Time magazine, there is an article on Super-Luminova.

Just to share some of it with everyone.

"After World War II, radium was repalced by tritium, the "extra heavy" and very mildly radiaoactive form of hydrogen. Rather than emitting dangerous gamma rays when it decays into helium, triitum gives off only low-energy electron. For many years, many watch companies favored a mixture of zinc sulfide powder and tritium-containing polystyrole lacquer, a substance that posed no hazard to watch wearers. But the public's wariness of radioactivity in general led to many countries banning tritium from all non-military applications."

"By contrast, nearly all nation permit time-pieces equipped with tritium gas light source, i.e., fused glass tubules containing a small amount of tritium.The inner surface of these tubules is coated with zinc sulfide that has been enriched with either cobalt or copper. The light that they emit is 100 times brighter than the glow of conventional luminous materials without activated tritium. The danger of breakage, which woud release the tritium inside the tubule, is extremely small. Evan if a tubule were to break, the gaseous and only mildly radioactive tritium would immediately disperse into the surrounding air. Tritium gas light sources are thus very safe and are currently enjoying a modest renaissance in the watch making sector."

Have a nice day.;-)

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Good stuff. Nevertheless, there will remain people who are spooked by anything with the word 'radioactive' associated with it. We see a parallel with genetically modified foods; the Murdoch media for example -- News International papers -- love referring to them as 'frankenfoods'. Playing on people's ignorance is so easy!
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