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Updated: Vibrograf B200 A pick-up?

Okay- check this out- I was walking along the sidewalk this weekend in New York, and found a Vibrograf B200 A abandoned in a planter.

I made sure somebody hadn't just left it out while they were moving stuff into their apartment--I spoke with the owner of a nearby shop, who said that they had found it in a trashcan nearby, and moved it to the planter because they thought it looked cool.

Anyway, I took it home and it seems to work, but after a little research, I found that it needed an acoustic pick-up in order to perform chronocomparisons.

Does anybody have an acoustic pick-up for sale? Barring that, does someone in Manhattan have experience with the B200 A or other vibrografs? I am dying to know whether or not I should invest in a pick-up of my own.

I love this thing, and love the idea of being able to tune my own watches. Please, help a fella out!

(looks just like the pic, except missing the tuning attachment).


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